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Building digital wings for your ideas.

We solve problems by building bespoke software and systems. Off-the-shelf solutions usually get you about 85% of what you want, we aim for 100%.

Whether it's creating something completely new, or adding functionality to your existing system, we can help.

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No matter if it's a rocket ship or a website, a project begins with identifying the problem. We start from the need, and work towards the solution. It may sound obvious, but we think it's important to say.

We want to know your story, not just your list of technical requirements. If you know exactly what you want, we'd love to build it, but if you've just got an idea, that's okay too.

No technology exists in a vacuum. We'll help you with all of the pieces needed to achieve your goals, and make sure they all work together.

The beauty of technology is customization. Don't settle for "almost good enough". We'll build the tools and solutions that do exactly what you need.

What We Do


Native applications which run on your computer, tablet, phone, or custom hardware solution.

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Web Applications

A cross-platform application that you or your customers can access from anywhere.

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Build your digital business card, blog, portfolio, or photo album of your cat!

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We can help you develop a consistent voice for your brand and provide the tools to make it look good everywhere.

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By using popular modern open-source tools and frameworks we ensure that your project can be supported and maintained well into the future, and not just by us! We're only successful if you are, and lock-in doesn't help anyone.

While we're able to work in almost any language or framework to suit your specific needs, our current favorites are:

Best-in-class technologies

The power of open-source

Long-lasting results

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