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Find out about some of our favorite tools to use.

While we can work in almost any language or framework when needed, we do have our favorites, and the ones we'd recommend if we're starting a project from scratch.


Elixir is a modern functional language, inheriting from the proven platform of Erlang and the BEAM. It provides a very developer-friendly and maintainable way to build extremely scalable and concurrent applications. Although Elixir itself is fairly new, Elixir and Erlang are used by some names you might know, including Pinterest, and WhatsApp.


Phoenix is the premier web framework for the Elixir language. Building on the foundation of Elixir and Erlang, it allows developers to build exceptionally powerful web applications that can be counted on to handle challenging problems workloads without complaint.

Tailwind CSS

In a forest of CSS frameworks Tailwind stands out for the way it allows rapid development, and makes it easy for the entire team to understand the the code at a glance.


11ty is our static site framework of choice because of the way it does its job and stays out of the way. A lot of frameworks are very opinionated and want you to do things their way, but 11ty provides the tools you need and lets you use them the way you want.

Eleventy icon


The database world is full of marketing, trying to convince you that you need their special custom data solution to keep up with your competitors. Postgres is a single solution that can do pretty much whatever is needed though, and is as stable and reliable as a granite peak.

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