I’m Josh,
and I make things!

About Daedalus Dreams

My name is Josh Proehl and I love to build things. I’ve been bending computers to my will since I discovered that the BASIC code to the Gorillas DOS game could be modified. Under the banner of Daedalus Dreams I create websites, applications, networks, nifty bits of digital hardware, and just about anything else, for fun and profit. (Currently the closest I get to actually being Daedalus and building wings is with remote-control multicopters, but maybe someday!)

Stay up to date with what I’m working on at the Blog. Opinions stated here are my own, and not those of my current employer.

If you want to become my current employer, take a look at my resume and contact me to discuss your project! I’m currently based in Portland Oregon, but am very experienced with working remotely and always looking for new and interesting projects.